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The "One Minute Miracle" technique to get kids to cooperate without fighting

A simple technique to help kids do what you want, by first acknowledging what's important to them.

Don't you just hate it when you've prepared a delicious, healthy, home cooked meal, then you call your kids to come eat, only to hear "I don't want to eat now, I'm busy!"

They are soooo hungry during the afternoon, constantly nagging me for snacks. But when it is time for dinner, I need to drag them away from their play.

It makes me super frustrated.

That's why I was so grateful when, in my interview with mother-daughter parenting team Sandi and Melissa Schwartz, Sandi shared a simple technique that you can use to help children transition from what they are doing (playing) to what you want them to do (sit down for dinner).

It only takes a minute or so of your time, and it not only makes your child want to cooperate with you, but it also creates an opportunity for you to connect with your child, show interest in what they are doing, and learn more about them.

I love it, because it turns potential conflict into Positive Connection Opportunities.

In our interview, Sandi explains the three steps to use this "One Minute Miracle" technique to get your kids to cooperate without fighting.

It is such a simple technique, but it works almost like magic for getting kids to cooperate in their daily routines.

In the interview, Melissa Schwartz also explains that using this technique creates an "atmosphere of empowerment and connection" in your family, making it much easier to get your kids to cooperate and work with you instead of against you.